Friday With Kalen

I was driving down OBT the other day (a notoriously bad neighborhood in Orlando) when I spotted the sickest looking dilapidated gas station. I recently purchased a Canon Mark ii (woohoo!) so I wanted to put it to good use. I instantly knew this had to be my next shoot location I just needed to find a model. Enter, Kalen Vespoli; my newest and first male model subject! Kalen is looking to get into modeling so he was happy to help.

My super talented friend, Lea Montes (follow her YouTube channel Lea Cakes MUA!) introduced us and it's all been uphill from there. 

Kalen was born in a super small hippie community in Oregon, which is also where he spent majority of his formative years. He adds that the west coast has influenced his life majorly, partly because he spent every weekend in San Fran, and partly because it really jives with who he is. After he served for the United States Marine Corps, he went on to live the college life in the Lone Star state. Kalen finished his BS and MS in exercise science and exercise physiology, respectively. Post grad he dabbled as a professor before landing a gig teaching elementary kids P.E (aww!). As if he wasn't interesting enough, he also puts hours in on the mat, whether its Jiu Jitsu or yoga. Now he finds himself being drawn to Florida following his passion for wakeboarding.

"From everything I've seen, everywhere I've been, and all the people I've met, I sometimes ask myself how I squeeze it all into 30 short years."

Facebook: Kalen Vespoli
Instagram: @kvespoli 

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  1. This is so so cool Nicola. Love the location and your pics are very artistic. Looking forward to seeing you grow in this new field of photography. Awesome. :) xx